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Working with Fairies

Working with Fairies
Magick, Spells, Potions, & Recipes to Attract & See Them
Anna Franklin
Career Press, 2006
256 Pages

If you've seen any New Age spellbook, you've seen this one. The formula is pretty standard, with a few chapters of somewhat breathless and very much unreferenced recounting of general fairy lore ranging from Shakespeare to generic folklore, jumping from culture to continent. It's a nice summary of beliefs in other races that co-habit with humans, but in the light of such works as Hutton's "Triumph of the Moon", it frankly lacks scholarship.

Folklore and Customs of Rural England, by Margaret Baker


Margaret Baker
David & Charles, Netwon Abbot, Devon, England
Rowan & Littlefield
Totowa, New Jersey
ISBN 0-87471-549-0


Ms Baker compiled an exhaustive survey of country customs and lore, using sources dating back to the 1800’s, including personal recollections. While this assembly is impressive in it’s breadth, little has been done to categorize these traditions according to their possible practicality or effectiveness, their relevance to or origin in a particular location, or even very effectively by topic.

Lake Nemi

Lake NemiFrom the roof of our hotel in the hill towns just south of Rome, we gaze into the deep cobalt waters of a little crater lake nestled in the woods. To the east, a Full Moon rises, catching Her reflection in the smooth dark oval that is known as Diana's Mirror. This is Lake Nemi. deep and mysterious as the Goddess who claims this area as Her own. Lord Byron, in his poem Childe Harold, likens it to a sleeping snake: "Lo, Nemi! navell'd in the woody hills...The oval mirror of thy glassy lake...All coil'd into itself and round, as sleeps the snake." A palpable kundalini power lies among these coils, for Nemi is numinous, even eerie, in the twilight. The lake seems to have a heartbeat.

Meisha Merlin Publishing to print 46 volume retrospective of Heinlein

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Robert and Virginia HeinleinMeisha Merlin Publishing, Inc has been chosen by the Robert A. and Virginia Heinlein Prize Trust and the Butler Library Foundation to publish The Virginia Edition: The Definitive Collection of Robert A. Heinlein.

The project will consist of forty-six titles spanning the entire writing career of Robert A. Heinlein. The Virginia Edition will contain all of Heinlein's novels and short stories; all of his non-fiction titles; several volumes of his letters and personal correspondence; and the vast majority of his interviews, social commentaries, speeches and articles.

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So...Who are These Weird Sisters Anyway?, or Macbeth Learns a Hard Lesson - Pseudointellectual Musings by Patrick Chambers


It is difficult to understate the lasting impact that the works of William Shakespeare have had on the world. One can scarcely go through a day without hearing a line from one of his sonnets or a quote from one of his plays. Indeed, many people (myself included) spout his prose verbatim without even realizing the source of the words they speak. Shakespeare's plays have been the subject of films from the earliest days of movie making, and the body of his work has been dissected, studied, argued and analyzed for literally hundreds of years. Not surprisingly, the plays of The Bard are finding a more and more prominent place in our entertainment venues as the millennium draws to a close.

Crone's Corner, Spring, 2000


Once upon a time, for a long time in fact, I was a Baptist. One day the minister of the church I attended, whom I had known in my youth of church camp and Bible school, used the pulpit to tell his congregation why it was that he was running for the school board. I walked out in the middle of his sermon. He called me later at home to ask if I was sick. I explained that I had left because he had offended me. Brother Charlie had been explaining that he needed to be on the school board to stop the schools from teaching evolution. I was even then a scientist and researcher. His attempts to explain how evolution was impossible and that teaching it was wrongheaded at best and sinful at worst, had been too much for me. The result of the hour-long phone conversation Charlie and I had was that he told me I couldn't believe in God and believe in evolution. I replied that he was incapable of telling me what I could and couldn't believe because that was between God and me, and Brother Charlie didn't enter into the picture at all. I ceased to be a Baptist that day.

Using the Tarot - Part 1


Tarot cards are an extremely complex and subtle symbol system that can be employed to deepen your exploration of magic by several approaches.
These approaches may include:

    Tarot Cards
  • Meditation
  • Path working
  • Identification of archetypes
  • Divination
  • Association with astrology and the Kaballah.

The full seventy-eight card deck is traditionally thought of as two different decks, called Arcana, that work together to illumine different aspects of our universe. The twenty-two cards of the Major Arcana are sometimes called Trumps, or Keys. They represent universal "forces" or "laws" or "archetypes" for humankind. The fifty-six cards of the Minor Arcana represent the kinds of things these universal laws act upon.

Habdonia,Goddess of The Summer Harvest


The rites of late summer, it has been said, open the gates of the Mysteries. Both the Eleusinian Mysteries and those of Dionysus and the grape harvest occur in the Athenian month Boedromion, the month when the sun and moon conjunct in Virgo. Demeter, Persephone and Dionysus, as Gods of vegetation, represent a continuous cycle of life and death; this cycle culminates in the harvest of fall.

But the First Harvest on the eight-spoked Wheel of the Year, commonly known as Lammas, comes weeks earlier. Although the aforementioned harvest Deities are obviously at hand in early August, it is the Goddess Habondia Whom I feel is most closely linked with the Lammas sabbat.